Faceted City – Nairobi

Rupi the African Trotter

Published Saturday magazine Nation media 22 July 2017

Above: Models in elaborately beaded costumes from Cameroon at African Heritage House – Picture copyright Gilbert Otieno

The old train streams out on the century-old metal sleepers of what was then the Uganda Railway. Leaving Nairobi Railway Station that is a historical building, the train slowly passes by a city that a hundred years ago was filled with swamps, grasslands and wildlife like rhino and lions.

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Aspiring Africa , Kenya leads the way >>>

Mohammed Hersi . A hotelier passionate about Tourism & Governance in Africa

“When you wash your hands , you can eat with the kings ” goes an African Proverb .
#whyilovekenya ; Exit PM Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel enter Modi of India.

A few weeks ago we also had Park Gyeun of South Korea home to Samsung & LG in town. World’s most powerful nation on earth also dispatched their President Barack Obama to come and check on us . His Holiness Pope could also not visit Africa & bypass Kenya , he honoured us with his visit. Banki Moon SG United Nation was also here. The list can go on and on.

Were it not for Brexit PM Cameron was scheduled to be in town as well.

Folks these are just NOT some struggling nations . These are serious players. The simple fact that they have chosen Kenya means that a would be investor from any of those countries would…

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The Northern Treasures

FunTravel Kenya

The Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) is quickly turning its attention to the remotest, but well endowed northern tourism circuit to try and save the tourism sector that has been on the downwards trend for a few years now. This has made them advertise the Northern Tourism Circuit more.

dsc_0262 Nairobi-Marsabit road

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Kenyan Travel Blogs To Read

FunTravel Kenya

Travel blogging, or generally blogging has been on the rise in Kenya for sometime now. Guys have realized the power of the inter-web and started sharing their travel stories, experiences, photos and more via blogs. This has in turn helped encourage more people to travel and others to appreciate our treasures and attractions more. A few years back, local tourism was not a popular trend. Those who did travel almost always opted the sandy beaches at the coast for their getaways. However, due to the good work of the government through the ministry of tourism and culture, travel bloggers and travel instagrammers, guys now know have a variety of destinations.Who would ever have thought you would be saving for Lamu Festival in December?

I took the liberty to share a few of the local travel bloggers I admire and who share the same vision of Kenya being at the top…

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A LOOK AT KENYA THROUGH THE YEARS – PictureBlog 1914 – 1990s

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