50 Faces Photo collage

50 Treasures Photo collage

Kakamega Forest drowning in the mist; Lamu Dhows cruising the ocean; Fishing boat in Kisumu out for a night catch; Maasai Warrior catching the sunrise.

8AM on the 6th of November, 2012, found us at Hopeland Advertising & Design Ltd. in the CBD to oversee the production of some fine photographs. These photos were ordered by a Safaricom manager who had visited our ‘50 Faces of Kenya‘ exhibition at the Michael Joseph Center. The mood at Hopeland was positive and yet alert, as everybody stared at the TV. On screen, first results of the American Presidential Elections were displayed and now it was beyond all doubt: Kenya’s son, Obama, made the race for a second term!!

It was reassuring to hear what Obama had to say to his countrymen and women: That the best for the USA was yet to come and that it was necessary for Americans to co-operate regardless of their political convictions; how every single vote counted but that democracy meant more than just participating at the ballots; and that through national cooperation the outcome would be more then just the sum of the parts – 2 plus 2 making 6 or even 8, so to speak.

Think about it, if you  replace USA with Kenya, wouldn’t it still be a perfect fit? The truth is, if we emphasised the ‘we’ more than the ‘me’ in Kenya, then anything would be possible. Aren’t we the best educated nation in Africa? Look around – the brain, the natural resources and even the capital for a big leap ahead – we have it all.

Still we have to ask ourselves: will we soon realise our vision as a nation?

We believe we can not only make the grade but excel as a people. But we must learn to give a better share of our attention as a country to common causes for it would pay off in manifold ways for us, for others and most of all, for Kenya!

God bless Kenya.

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