Eastern Shores of Lake Turkana

Open skies over Lake Turkana, the world’s largest permanent desert lake.

Have you ever been to the Eastern Shores of Lake Turkana?

Part of our mission is to travel our beautiful country documenting 50 of Kenya’s outstanding attractions – both known and unknown. Most of these attractions, which we then refer to as Treasures, are made up of regions consisting of a collection of natural, cultural and historic attractions as well as tourist activities. A smaller number of these Treasures are intangible such as our traditional roots, iconic figures, and our nationhood embodied in our flag and democracy.

To give you a better idea of what a Treasure looks like, here is a short summary of one of the lesser known and travelled Treasures  one which offers a truly unique array of attractions and activities.

  Welcome to the Eastern Shores of Lake Turkana.

Remnants of an extinct elephant species at Koobi Fora excavation site known as the ‘Cradle of Mankind’.

 The lighthouse attraction of this Treasure, serving as a pointer for regional identification and marketing, are the million year old fossils, some of which are of our human ancestors, in the world famous Koobi Fora excavation area. Here, one finds the answer to the question every human faces: Where do I come from?

Standing at Koobi Fora in awe as a rainstorm moves to the other side of Lake Turkana

 The landscape and other natural features of the world’s largest permanent desert lake are part of the unforgettable impressions left on each visitor. Lake Turkana even boasts Africa’s largest crocodile population! Mount Kulal, a backdrop of the regional centre of Loiyangalani, bears thick rainforests surrounded by deserts which have been declared a UNESCO biosphere. Other outstanding natural features on the Eastern shores include South Island and Sibiloi National Parks.

El Molo people on their way to the dance ground at Lake Turkana Cultural Festival.

An incredible multitude of peoples survive in the harsh environment and every year they come together to promote peace and celebrate local cultures at the Lake Turkana Cultural Festival, the single biggest cultural event in the Northern region.

El Molo elder guarding the tribe’s shrines, Lake Turkana.

Visitors can also get involved in boat riding and fishing, trekking and camel safaris.

So, have you ever been to the Eastern Shores of Lake Turkana?

If so, we’d love it if you shared your experience with us!

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