Christmas may be coming early this year!

Sometimes life can get riddled with so many issues that an event where laughter, fun, art, music, beer, friends and food seems to be the only thing that will help rejuvenate you.

We were just going over some of the events that we were honoured to be a part of this past year and Art and Beer Festival was one of the ones that came up. It left such a lasting impression on us that we’re counting down the days to the third edition!

The previous event was held about three months ago and it was truly inspiring to see a dynamic group of people come together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate different forms of art.  Whether it’s over a drink, while enjoying a performance or after some retail therapy, it’s always refreshing seeing people relaxed and having fun and that’s why to us the Art and Beer Festival was one to remember!

But that’s only part of the reason why we felt that the Festival was a success. What many people may not be aware of is that this event is not just about fun but it’s also aimed at highlighting and supporting children’s rights. Their last event was in support of the 100 Girls in 100 Days campaign where their mission was to raise enough money to support 100 young girls through high school either through scholarships or school supplies.

The next Art and Beer Festival is going to be from Dec 22 – 23, 2012.

Seems like Christmas is going to be a couple days early 😉

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