Mt. Elgon

Located at the border of Kenya and Uganda is Mt. Elgon, a volcano mountain and Kenya’s second highest mountain.

Chorlim gate, Mt. Elgon National Park

After a couple of muddy and slippery but fun-filled adventures driving from Endebess, we finally arrived at the amazing Mt. Elgon National Park to a warm cozy reception by the warden and staff. Not forgetting the elegant herd of waterbucks right outside the guest house.

Making’eny cave, Mt. Elgon National part

Inside Making’eny cave, looking out and enjoying the magnificent view of the waterfall.

Kitum cave, Mt. Elgon National Park

When Hardy stumbled into the cave to take a picture of it, imagine the shock on his face when he looked at his camera screen and saw all those bat eyes staring back him! Talk about invasion of privacy. Tsk tsk.

Say hello to some of the permanent residents of Mt. Elgon National Park!

Under the canopy of Mt. Elgon forest

The trip through the forest was filled with beautiful sceneries…

A beautiful view of the sun rays seeping through the thick forest

It was also quite….eventful… to say the least.

Time for a little push!

It was now time for the team to lend a hand to our loyal car as it struggled to navigate its way through the muddy forest terrain (well, at least SOME of the team got to work, while others figured it was work enough to offload their weight from the car!)

Rare plant species found in Mt. Elgon forest

Did you know Mt. Elgon is also known as Ol Doinyo Ilgoon (Breast Mountain) by the Maasai and that it is also named after the Elgeyo tribe who lived in the caves on the mountain?

Have you been to the mountain? We would love to learn about your stories or experiences on Mt. Elgon.

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