Have you been to Cherengani hills and Kerio Valley?

Waterfall on Cherengani hills

Enjoying a view of the sunset from Mt. Kipteberr 3100m above sea level

The best part about going up Mt. Kipteberr is that you don’t have to walk all the way up, you can drive most of the way up the mountain and then walk 100m to the top!

A refreshing stop en route to Lomut

On a hot drive from Kapsowar down to Lomut, we were delighted when we discovered this little river! We just had to stop to take a breather and enjoy the lovely scenery.

Our loyal car, The Old Lady

The curvy route down Cherengani hills to Lomut offers spectacular views of the Kerio Valley. At the foot of Cherengani hills we met several rivers that we had to cross. But The Old Lady managed just fine.

Traditional housing on Cherengani hills

Chesta Guesthouse, Lomut

After a long, tiring journey we finally arrived at our destination, Chesta guesthouse in Lomut. However we arrived late at night and much to our disappointment, we were received with darkness as there was no power there. We had to offload the now tired and dusty Old Lady with nothing but a torch! Mind you, we haven’t quite grasped the concept of travelling light! And so off we went straight to sleep after that tedious task.

Imagine our surprise the next morning, waking up to such a beautiful view, pleasant weather and not forgetting the delicious pancakes served for breakfast at the Chesta guesthouse!

Morning encounters with beauty and nature en route to Lomut market

Fashion statements at the Lomut market

Don’t you just love their fashion statements? We did!

Lomut market

Lomut market on a Saturday is a colourful affair. You still find the Pokot people in their traditional attire. If you think the fashion industry in Kenya is lacking, visit the Lomut market!

Ant hill on the base of Kerio Valley

Ever seen an ant hill so big?

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