Well done Lamu

The Growth of democracy…


Jamhuri Day

As we wind down for the weekend after a splendid Jamhuri Day, we believe that many of us in this last minutes are gearing up to register as voters. These are indeed exciting days as this will be our first election under a new constitution and even more exciting is that it is also taking place in the year of our Golden Jubilee!


Jamhuri Day, Parade rehearsals

The real sign that shows that there is democracy in Kenya is that fact that there have been peaceful campaigns and the relationship all the presidential aspirants have with each other. It has not been hard for them to cross travel all the regions in the country with a unified voice of peace and the free speech going on in the campaigns.

Clearly this time there is maturity that has not been present with the previous elections. The one unheard of thing, a debate!  A presidential debate that is going to take place in January of 2013 and of course we will keep optimistic that it would happen. The fact that aspirants will have to talk and prove their worth of them proposing to be elected as the next president.

All of us have a right that we will get to exercise by voting for our preferred candidate and this time round we are not going to elect leaders blindly.

Kenya you go places and take us with you.

Utamu wa Lamu

Beautiful ruins in Lamu

Speaking of places we applaud Lamu County for their democratic spirit. As from the beginning of the week they boasted the highest voter registration turn-out in the whole country. Lamu, we treasure you truly!

utamu wa Lamu

the beauty and serenity you experience in Lamu.

utamu wa Lamu

hamu wa Lamu

We urge all Kenyans be awake… be alive… be alert… and don’t give up yet our future is looking bright to become even better… stronger… our nation. The best is yet to come.

So fellow countrymen and women have you registered as a voter? If not,what are you waiting for, register to vote!!!

Have a democratic weekend

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