Christmas in Kenya


Lights,camera action

What are you doing for Christmas this year? As we celebrate this season in our different situations world over there are definitely many beautiful things that will always inspire the spirit of Christmas especially back here in Kenya!  Speaking of world over, thank God it’s Friday and to the chagrin of many the world did not end as anticipated. Life goes on and now it’s all about Christmas. Another treat is that Christmas Eve is on a Monday this year!  Can you think of a better way to start the week?


It is the feast of love but this does not count for the chicken

Young and old we all agree that it is the season to be merry. Though many of us share the opinion that children always give the better story of what Christmas is all about and who of us would have it otherwise?  When it comes to the kids it’s a different kind of story. Status does not matter and anyone you talk to will tell you how different it all used to be when they were kids. It was a time to get together with family and play all kinds of games and tricks you could think of; a time you could eat all the sweets you could stomach; a time when mama gave you money just because you asked for it; a time when you could mess around and frolic all day; a time to laugh and climb all the trees within reach and of course there were the famous photo sessions. Everyone had a photo taken each Christmas day.


All roads lead to dear mama’s table

To the rest of the folks caught up in the hustle and bustle of travelling back home as we like to say it here. Jostling with a determined list of ‘Things to do for Christmas’ like buying new clothes and stuff for the family, making sure they have a decent time is far from what it started from to say the least.


For eager adventurers Hardy’s guide book – some call it the “Travelers’ Bible'” – is always the best companion

All in all traveling as always is the one thing that will be on most if not everyone’s mind.


Beasty McFeasty

It is the season to feast. Popular dishes like ‘Nyama Choma’, poultry and now the inescapable pizzas that have evolved into familiar treats and found their way into our urban culture are on the menu. Chapati  another local favourite will do just as well  for the rest of the folks  in the remote reaches upcountry.


club hopping until the early morning

As for the outgoing and clubby with no ‘shaggs’,which is the local slang for  countryside,to go to this time of year its always a great opportunity to enjoy the company of  old friends and make new ones. The vibrant night life this festive season will keep  the enthusiastic revellers thoroughly entertained up until the break of dawn.

So what will it be this year? There are pointers on where you and the family will enjoy the full benefits of experiencing nature together. In this beautiful country, Christmas could sometimes be rainy or sunny but definitely not white!Maybe pink ?

It could be a Christmas full of flamingos !


Pink socked Christmas ballet at Lake Bogoria

Or you could opt for a place on the sandy shores by the vast ocean,


Sun and sand at the Kilifi Creek

Or somewhere in the wilderness of the legendary Maasai Mara,


Take to the skies in one of the hot air balloons at Masai Mara

How about the snow-capped peaks  of the mountain for that winter feeling for the nostalgic mountaineer?


Snow Caps of Mount Kenya

Or  will it be  Kisumu dala! As the Luo’s like to say. Somewhere on the shores of the great lake on the other side of this paradise that is Kenya.

Workers at Kisumu ship yard

Fun moments with the dock-workers at a Kisumu boat yard

Young or old whatever the case may be for you  the question is,” Where are you doing this Christmas?”Whether it will be time away with family, friends or even alone. One thing is for sure is that it will find you somewhere. Where ever it finds you in the wonderful country we call our home. Whatever it is that you will be doing we trust you will have a hearty holiday.


Take off at Lake Magadi

Merry  Christmas everyone and a happy New Year.

You are much appreciated

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