Pots of gold

Counting rainbows

Over the last four weeks we have enjoyed the great pleasure of sharing samples of the 50 Treasures of Kenya; counting down to 50, celebrating the fantastic panorama of our country’s natural and cultural beauty. We appreciate every one of you who took the time to like, follow and share our posts with others and encourage you to be a part of this wonderful movement. It will make our endeavor more meaningful if you also took some time to share with us some of your views and recommendations.


Remember Kenya is gearing up towards her 50th Year of Independence; her Golden Jubilee! This is our time to reflect on how far we’ve come and celebrate how much we’ve achieved as one nation. The 50 Treasures have and will always transcend ethnicity, religion and political interests and we encourage everyone, including you, to be a part of this upcoming momentous occasion.

An improved Kenya can only be achieved if we as the Kenyan society, people and companies alike, take up ownership and get involved and work towards the betterment of this beautiful country! Celebrating and sharing its wonderful beauty let’s maintain the resolve to always Treasure Kenya!


Now that we are preparing to usher in the month of February, we would like to give you a small challenge if you are up to the task. According to a popular legend; there’s a pot of gold where the rainbow hits the ground. Since we started our posts we have featured a series of intriguing pictures with rainbows in them. Tell us how many you have counted so far, you never know there might be a ‘pot or pots of gold’ somewhere.

Stay tuned for more as we continue sharing the spectrum of Kenya’s spectacular beauty and heritage.

 Until the next time its many thanks from the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust for every  contribution in this feature with special mention made to Mr.Harmut Fiebig for the wonderful photography and most of all to you our treasured audience for your company.

You are highly treasured.

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