The 50 Treasures of Kenya Premiere

We welcome you to the 50 Treasures of Kenya Premiere which will be held at 2 pm on Sunday 24th of February 2013.


The countdown is on indeed! Only one day to go until the premiere of the 50 Treasures of Kenya live show in Vienna !


Our chairman, Mr. Hartmut Fiebig, left the country early this week to start his eagerly anticipated promotional tour to present the wonderful regional and cultural treasures that are found in plenty on Kenyan soils. He will be showcasing Kenya’s  unrivaled heritage and diversity from the humble Maasai manyattas to the impressive cosmopolitan cities like Nairobi and other emerging destinations. Highlighting Kenya’s natural beauty from our tropical beaches through our endless savannah across the intriguing deserts and enchanting rainforests to the divine snow capped peaks of Mount Kenya. The show will also offer a lot more in terms of the spectacular beauty of our treasured country indeed.


In 2011 Mr. Fiebig, who also happens to be the Honorary Ambassador for Tourism of the Republic of Kenya, left Germany to pursue the vision of the 50 Treasures of Kenya. The idea behind it is to declare one Treasure for each year of Kenya’s independence. Through these live shows he will present the literal collection of the 50 Treasures of Kenya as well as advocate for the conservation and protection of Kenya’s precious cultures. This is meant  to stimulate the promotion of Kenya as an ideal tourist destination abundant with surprises of unknown attractions beyond the famous beaches and national parks for  its visitors.


Expect fantastic photography accompanied with a moving live discourse which will give you deep insights into Kenya’s treasures.Don’t be too surprised if you return home with a stronger desire visit Kenya for your next holiday abroad!


The venue will be at  Altes AKH, Spitalgasse 4, 1090 Vienna, Austria.

For tickets and more details of the event please visit:

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