Our ONE-derfulness


Its all about our nationhood this time as we count down to Kenya’s 50th birthday and these have been very intriguing days  for Kenyans indeed!

With all the hustle and bustle of the campaigns added to the heightened political excitement  in the air.It was a most refreshingly ONE-derful day…

28feb_poster 2

…came together in common bond united all over  our beloved country and took a stand in honour of our great nation.

As brothers and sisters we assembled together in our different situations  and sang our national anthem with all our reverence and pride. Apart from it being a prayer in itself; our national song was also attended with more prayers  and rallying for peace in the nation as we prepare for the upcoming General Elections.

And it is imperative that we stand up together and  defend the peace we have always enjoyed.


As much as the eagerly anticipated March 4th General Elections and many of the events preceding them will have their place in Kenya’s history. They however are not the corollary of what we all aspire for as Kenyan’s. The lingering question still remains what would we be talking about today if we had them when they were scheduled in the first place?

On this auspicious year we have much more to prepare for far from our current engagements at the ballot. Come December 12, we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary as a sovereign nation. Which is more reason why our suffrage on this momentous day should not overwhelm the core values we live by as a people day to day .

We will always have confidence in Kenyans who are without dispute the true Treasure of this blessed country and are looking forward to a truly golden year all the way from our PEACE-FULL General Elections up until our BLISS-FULL National Celebrations. Our encouragement also goes out to all our viewers out there, Kenya will not only survive these trying times but we will thrive all the way.

God has and will always bless our treasured country and we will do our best in our small way to honour our wonderful nation.


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