A message from the rainbow

Since the year began we have enjoyed the great pleasure of sharing  some features of our country’s rich heritage with you as we count down to Kenya’s Golden Jubilee; celebrating the fantastic panorama of our country’s natural and cultural beauty. We appreciate every one of you who took the time to like, follow and share our posts with others and encourage you to be a part of this wonderful initiative.

And if you have been following us for some time now you have probably noticed all the rainbows in many of the pictures.

In classical mythology, the rainbow was revered as a path made by the messenger Iris, an avatar of the rainbow, who united the gods and humanity. And so the story goes from varying culture to culture; there is this one recurring theme  regardless of who’s telling the story. Rainbows have always been associated with divinity and favor; so whoever you are here are some colorful words from Edna Louise’s poem, Message from the rainbow.


Get to KNOW the country God blessed us with.

Let the love of God surround you in the sunshine and the stars.

The deep green of the forest and the blue sky that is ours,


…and Explore its blessings

The golden grain in the summer and the vibrant autumn glow.

All nature holds a message that is there for us to know.


…as we PROTECT this land for our future

We each have our private rainbow if we just look and see,

The beauty is there for you and me.


and always CELEBRATE it as our nation.

The Book of Genesis(9:11) God promised Noah that never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth after the great deluge. And it’s in respect of this reassurance that we would like to dedicate this message to our treasured country; especially those who have suffered tremendous tragedy during the long rains.


…and TREASURE Kenya everyday in every way wherever we are.

 So perched on our loft in the shelter of our ‘ark’ on Top Hill we would like to encourage you. The same God who blesses is the one who blesses our land and nation with plenty within our borders.

We are still a praying nation even though it may seem like a vain effort these days. And to our God who gives both the drop and the ray; to the same we pray that He will bless you today.

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